Fuel Light: Public Lands Hate You

Fuel Light is a series where we shine the spotlight on specific brands or events that focused on fitness, adventure, and aim to have a positive impact on our world.

With our recent post being on the Leave No Trace principles, we thought we’d talk a genuine and powerful cause that’s been shining the (fuel) light on the dark side of social media content that involve illegal activities (drone-free zones, stay on the trail, etc.) and they their best to (respectfully) educate those content creators/influencers that their content is influencing illegal, unethical, and destructive behavior to a large audience. This great movement is titled “Public Lands Hate You” and couldn’t recommend enough following them (specifically on Instagram), and helping support their cause.


First, let’s talk about how the movement started. The founder was tired of seeing illegal activities taking place at their favorite public lands and ruining them for others to continue to enjoy and cherish. But the founder saw a pattern for these destructive behaviors., that they were doing it for the ‘Gram. As silly as it sounds, the founder was spot on. The social media influencers and content creators were destroying/ruining public lands just they they could capture/create Instagram content. Some examples ranging from illegal drone activity (which has resulted in forest fires) to laying in poppy fields (which results in stomping plants going into shock/stress, and ruining the scenery for others, just to promote a product or capture different content for their social media accounts and followers.

Some of this content has been seen by hundreds of thousands and even millions. This, creating a snowball effect on social media with influencing their followers that these destructive behaviors.

But with the content being influenced/seen is just the tip of the iceberg. With more people partaking in these behaviors, it’s hurting the health of our public lands and parks and much more. So much - like previously stated - that it has created forest fires, as well as destroying a famous old shipwrecks (just to get a “cool” long-exposure shot of fireworks going off on the ships.


Their mission is to help shed light on these behaviors by respectfully educating the content creators/hosts that their material is hurtful and to also educate the public for behaving responsibly when visiting public lands so that the land and wildlife can continue to exist and for others to enjoy. The founder also wants to prevent any more public lands from closing for rehabilitation due to abuse by visitors as it seems each week, we can find that another park has closed.

This is just a small glimpse at what this cause does since they are very active with sharing new content (almost daily) that’s trying to educate the public to treat their public lands better. We really recommend following them on Instagram or checking out their site for more information.

Learn more and follow Public Lands Hate You: