Fuelboard is now Active Territory

If you hadn’t noticed yet with our (slow) rebranding roll-out, Fuelboard is now Active Territory! We’re excited to start this new chapter with - what we think - is a sparkling new identity we’ve put a lot of effort in which represents even more what our values are.


We still are fueled by fitness and adventure, but we wanted a brand/name that spoke more to it. And that’s where we came up with Active Territory and gave our brand a breath of fresh air (which of course, we are so fond of #outdoorsforlife).

If we’re still the same, what’s different?


Well, first - our name! We wanted a name that represented ourselves in a less-abstract way to help promote our community and what we stand for, which is living active lifestyles (especially in the great outdoors) since there are so many benefits to this lifestyle for us and our planet.


Second, our fresh logo. With the theme of wanting to represent our fitness, and outdoors community more. When first creating concepts for the new logo, we tried a variety of different types of branding. But what we think is that we landed on the best choice with the best execution. So in the end, we wanted a logo that fit in with our name, so the obvious choice was to go with the letter “A” since being active is our main focus for the community. So it had to be a bit simple to fit in, otherwise it would standout like a sore thumb. But it still had to have character, a meaning, and to follow certain design principles so it would look solid on our gear.

And well-lah! Say hello to our A! It encompasses what we are as a community with a unique shape with still being able to fit in with our name, creating a slick “Active” logotype. It also contains a fairly obvious easter egg which is the white space in it. An arrow pointing up, which is always a good thing in the active and outdoors world.


Second, our new main mission statement: Live active. As well as: Live active outside. Don’t get us wrong… We love training indoors (gym/weight training, spin, etc.), but we believe in the quote:

Don’t live to train, train to live.

And, we also believe in the great outdoors. But to get the full effect of the great outdoors, is being the healthiest, most fit and active you can be.


Third, our hashtag community! When coming up with the name, we also wanted it to be hashtag-friendly to keep our community growing and make it easier to find inspiring fitness and adventure related content, especially since so many popular hashtags in that category have become full of noise. So let’s get #activeterritory to be best one out there, to help this community grow even more, and to help share our values - promote active lifestyles one post at a time!

What’s next?

We’re still working on the roll-out of the rebrand. Over the next month, we hope to have everything updated with the new brand, as well as adding some fresh content the site. We’re also working on a new series showcasing/interviews active adventurers! Stay tuned!