Fuel Light: The F*cking Weather

Fuel Light is a series where we shine the spotlight on specific brands or events that focused on fitness, adventure, and aim to have a positive impact on our world.

Hello, adventurers and any others that this may relate to. For this week, we're shining the fuel light on a not-so-serious topic to help get rid of those winter blues you may have - and speaking about weather, this a great segue to The F*cking Weather. Hate weather apps? Especially when traveling? Or just when you're at home, wondering if it's a run day? The F*cking Weather might be your new weather app, at least for bit.


Available for Android, this app brings some creativity to weather apps in a very vague way. And who knows, you might even get used to the concept, and prefer it over any other weather apps. And it's also a lightweight app thanks to ignoring AI and "machine learning" techniques, perfect for those ultralight travelers!

Machine learning?

Nope, this machine is as dumb as can be.
And it will stay that way. Forever.