Master Your Muscles: The Best Targeting & Core Exercises

It's time we've compiled a list of the best exercises to target specific muscle groups that can greatly improve and optimize your training sessions. We've tested them, researched them, and created a list of the best, overall quality exercises that anyone can do at the gym or home that  target the specific muscle group in an effective way - hit your core, or both!

We've selected these exercises based on a few factors. These factors include:

  • Able to target the specific group in an effective way - hit your core, or both!
  • Easily capable of progression. (adding weight, changing form, etc.)
  • Require only standard equipment. (benches, barbells, dumbbells, or bodyweight)
  • Mix of compound and isolation exercises. (perfect for super-setting that group with)
  • Researched, tested, and proven results.

Front Body Muscle Groups


Abs (Abdominals / rectus abdominis)

Back Body Muscle Groups


Arm Muscle Groups


Leg Muscle Groups


Core Muscle Groups