6 Fitness Principles That Must Be Followed

Fitness doesn't come easy, especially if you want to keep maintaining or progressing your fitness levels. But to help, we believe there are 6 main principles to fitness that will keep anyone's fitness game on point.



There's an old saying that goes, "for every workout you miss you fallback by two." Sure, it's exaggerated, but true to some degree. Having a consistent routine will help keep your progress growing.



Whether it's running, cycling, or weight lifting, form is extremely important. If your form is off, you may be doing more harm than good. You could be putting too much stress on certain joints, and not enough on your muscles. This could lead to overuse, chronic pain, and injury. Focus on form, and you'll be able to keep doing what you love for a long time, while getting better and faster results!



Cliché, and you probably already know all about how important it is but of course we have to include it. If you expect your body to preform 100% and look 100%, a healthy diet is important that should involve lots of fresh food (especially fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.). This will give you what your body needs. Lots of nutrients to make sure your body replenishes well and give you the energy you need.



A great segue to recovery, since a strong diet helps with your body recover/replenish. But having the nutrients isn't enough. Depending on your training schedule, most of the time, you need at least one day for rest or for light activities only (walking, hiking, light cycle, etc.). Resting will help the body recover from strenuous activities by building your muscles (and everything else) back up to be stronger than before! This why recovery plays a big part in getting results. And always, always try and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, especially if you've been training. Sleep is a very important process of recovery!



We know... we know... It's been said millions of times, and you already know to stay hydrated. But being hydrated does more than just prevent injuries and illnesses. If you're hydrated, you're going to preform much better. Your muscles won't have a problem keeping up with your mind if they are hydrated!



It's easy to get stuck in a maintaining mode without even realizing it. Always strive for progress in your workouts! Don't be fooled by the famous myth that you need to always keep switching things up. The key is to make sure your workouts keep getting more progressive! By more weight and/or more reps and sets, or by longer distances and faster intervals. Every 3-4 weeks, take some time to think about what's been slowing down your progress and see how you can improve on it.

FitnessShane (UVSoaked)