Adventure Gear Essentials for Fall & Winter

Fall and winter are arguably the best to get some amazing adventures in, and with new technology and products that keep getting better, it can make a big difference with your experiences.

Here our/is some handpicked gear we find essential for fall and winter adventures.


 Waterproof shoes/boots

It all starts with the feet, and they best be comfortable! Having dry, warm feet if you want to enjoy your adventures can make all the difference. Having footwear that's waterproof not only keeps the water out, but helps keep the heat in. And when those daily highs aren't so high anymore, heat is a good thing!

Recommended: Vasque Breeze GTX (Mens - Womens)


Windshell/Waterproof Jackets

Like our feet, it's great to keep our body warm, and dry. Windshells can be perfect solution for the cool fall breeze. Light enough to barely feel like you're wearing a jacket, but structurally perfected to still block the wind from getting through.

And if the sky starts to cry, having a waterproof jacket can be a life-saver! Keeping the main part of your body warm, and dry will make all the difference towards not letting the weather dampen your adventures.

Tip: Down jackets are a great way to go. They pack up easily, are very compact, and most down jackets also offer a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to them, which also helps block the wind from getting to you.

Recommended: Patagonia Rainshadow (Mens - Womens)


Stainless-steel insulated bottles

These may be seen as trendy right now, but for good reason. They're almost compact as a regular bottle, but can offer some fairly decent insulation.  The reason why the insulation is so compact, is by sandwiching an insulating vacuum layer between two layers of stainless steel to prevent outside heat from warming up the interior. Resulting in cold water, or hot tea, coffee, cider, etc. to enjoy throughout your whole adventure.

Recommended: Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth

2017-09-13 04.40.14 1-01-01.jpeg

Technical Pants

As each year passes, pants seem to get better by being more stretchier, durable, breathable and newer technology (Silvadur, COOLMAX fibers) - which are all important qualities in a hiking pant. And let's be honest, everyone loves a good pair of techincal pants, and you know your pants are pretty technical when they have moisture-wicking fabrics that also help to neutralize odors. 

Recommended: DUER Live Lite Adventure Pants (Mens - Womens)


Hiking/Trekking Poles

Your knees will thank you if you have them, especially on your more technical and long adventures. They're great for stability, and to help take some of the load off your legs, and share it with your arms/upper body. They're also great for scaring away any unwanted wildlife!

Recommended: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles

AdventureShane (UVSoaked)