MEC HQ - The Office You Want To Work In

Sure it would be great if we always be outside during the day and not worry about bringing home the bacon, but sadly that's not the case unless you're extremely fortunate. But thankfully, there's an outdoor retailer that knows how to make an office job more than just enjoyable.

MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) recently finished their new headquarters in Vancouver late last year, and creates a fresh new outlook on what the office workspace should look like with some creative and fun exclusives you wouldn't see in any other office.

If you're unfamiliar with MEC, they are known to be one of the top Canadian retailers that genuinely care about the environment and do their best to support it anyway with donations (1% For The Planet), events, and more. The specialize in outdoor gear, and in many active activities such as: running, biking, yoga, and more.

Like we said, MEC does their best to help protect the environment. That's why their new HQ is 70% more energy efficient than a traditional office, and designed to a LEED Platinum Standard.


I think I'll take the stairs today. And everyday.

Who knew stairs could be so beautiful? It's a great way to get your daily steps in while becoming inspired from wonderful craftsmanship.


Working ain't so bad.

MEC made the workspace clean, and fun. And who doesn't love a bright office?


Break time.

If you ever need to take a break from all the awesome projects you'd be working on, MEC offers some really great and relaxing spaces.


Waiting for the printer? Go for a climb.

If the break areas just aren't doing the trick, you can always try the gym, yoga studio inside or on the green roof, pro bouldering cave, or even the nap room. It's amazing the MEC Staffers get any work done.


You'd almost want to work late.

So with an office like this, you may even tell your boss you're up for the graveyard shift!

If these photos made you drool and/or daydream about working at the MEC HQ, you may want to visit their career opportunities page.