An Introduction from Alex

Hello everyone. I feel like I need to make an introduction.  My name is Alex. I have never posted any tips or reviews like Shane has. I have supported the website as much as I could. I’ve always promised Shane I would write something to go along on the site. Each time I tried to write something I just couldn’t. I had nothing to write about. Each time I tried to write a review on a pair of Vibram shoes I have or, well anything else, I just draw to a blank stare on this word document. This time, I’ll be different. Shane is very good at writing about products and health tips, and he shows it physically. I don’t as much. I used to be more active a few years ago. Since taking a computer job I sit down on a chair staring at 6 computer monitors for 8 hours a day. I wanted to change that. So I'm going to start this as a little series of posts about me exploring the beautiful nature surrounding the Vegas area and, additionally, my progress on getting back to a good shape. 

I have attempted in the last few months to kick myself in some sort of better-than-decent shape. I’m not super-out of shape per say but, compared to my past, I’m losing the touch. I had a good running routine going back in the winter but when I got out of my grave yard shift I lost the routine and my conditioning over time. I ended up only running at most once a week or two, while I have an occasional physical day here and there. What I plan on writing is more so a journey on keeping myself active. Keeping these posts as proof that I am trying to do a better change for myself with the stress of work and school taking most of what time I have to myself. 

Tomorrow starts August 1st. Since I am on graveyard shift again, instead of doing a normal “lets hit the gym”, I rather not. I chose to go on a hike. It’s 04:16am right now at the time I am writing this. I’m going to load up on water, get a few snacks and I am going to head to a location that would be great for a sunrise. I have to go quick since Vegas starts getting its sunlight within an hour and I need to beat the heat. 


So I did end up going for an easy hike. I’m glad I did. I was able to see a good amount of deer and rabbits along the trails where they don’t suspect to see humans this early. My only worry was to see a mountain lion but I felt that I wasn’t too high at Mt. Charleston for that. So, to take it easy, I just picked a random trail, parked near the ranger station and I just went on it. By the time I parked, it was starting to light up a tiny bit so I knew I barely made it and hoped to get a good view of a sunrise from my angle. 


I gave myself a little over an hour to hike up the trail. The first part was pretty steep which did get me a little out of breath. While I was on that first portion, I did see my first encounter of deer out in the wild before it ran off with a buddy. This trail was near the highways but it was enough away from it that I could not see the cars. Either the trees blocking the view or the hills above me are not allowing me to see what is ahead. About 40 minutes into the hike I noticed a sign that had a map of the trail. When I walked up to it I was unsure on where my exact location in that map, but the trail I might have been on was 7.3 miles long. I knew I was not going to make it considering this was more of a wing-it-but-somewhat-prepared hike, but I was curious on how the trail would change if I kept going. As I did, I noticed it gets more populated with trees the higher I go up in this direction. I’ve never been to this portion of the mountain before. It’s all unfamiliar. I’ve been at another portion when it snows where everyone else that is a Vegas local goes to just have a little fun before heading back to the desert down below. After about an hour I just ended up doing a jog back seeing how fast I can make it back. It took about 15-20 minutes. It felt good to do a jog, but with the amount of rocks there were in the trail I was a little cautious on not getting myself injured. Especially when I have no service. There were a ton of loose rocks and, considering I’ve never been a huge trail runner when it comes to a not so much desert environment, I almost slipped here and there on the way down. I have some pictures attached on how it looked to hike one of the first trails you’ll see going up this mountain. There are plenty of others. Even one that goes to the mountain peak, but today is not the day I’ll slain it. 

I hope the readers enjoy seeing pictures of the mountain and seeing that Vegas isn’t just a bunch of lights, liquor, gambling, and dirt. There is beautiful nature surrounding it. I plan on going to Red Rock once I go back on a day schedule to show off the environment there and hopefully be in a better shape to run a bit of it uphill rather than downhill. Until then, c’yeah!