Parkour In The Wild - Where We Began


Nature is great at showing how creative the Earth is, and parkour is great at showing how creative we can be. Mix them together, and you have something that is very inspiring and beautiful that shows nature has always been able to create challenging environments that meet our physical needs.

Parkour may be mainly known to be practiced in urban environments, but no other environment creates such an instinctive and creative environment than nature. To help prove our point, we curated a few videos that showcase how inspiring and awesome parkour can be when out in the wild just make sure the branch can hold you.


Into The Wild

Josh Yadon shows how the Redwood National Forest can be the perfect place for parkour, and that "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors is still a great tune.


Bringing Parkour Back To Nature - Verzasca Run

Red Bull brings parkour back to nature with help of one of the top parkour athletes, Ryan Doyle, among other top traceurs.


The Woods

The woods can create the perfect playground, it just might need a little help setting a few things up.


Roam Free

There's nothing quite like going for a little run in the woods with your friends, especially when you throw some tricks into it. Roam Free is a nice little montage of parkour in nature.


Tuolumne Art

Next time you go for a hike, make sure you have some fun and enjoy the scenery.


Where We Began - Official Teaser

A beautiful and inspirational teaser for a short-film, which unfortunately, has not been released yet. It even inspired the title of our post.


Hot Rod - The Dance and Parkour Scene

Always save the best for last. Oh, and always stick the landing. Always.