Vibram Powered is Now Fuelboard

That’s right, Vibram Powered has a new name with a new larger focus! First off, I'd like to give special thanks to everyone who has helped made this community what it is, which is one of the best barefoot communities around. Without your support, we would not be what we are today. But with growth, comes change. Vibram Powered has served us well, but we thought it was time to create our own identity.

After many Skype meetings with the staff, discussing the new name, new direction, we came up with the name Fuelboard which we all loved, and a new direction you're all going to love.

What about the way of the Vibram FiveFingers?

Don’t worry, we’re still remaining focused and dedicated on the barefoot way. We could never forget what made us who we are.

If the barefoot way is staying the same, what’s going to change?

We’ll be expanding our content and the topics we hit up. Like we said, same amount of Vibram and barefoot content (if not, more), but with other content that focuses also on fitness, health, and the great outdoors. Such as reviews on various types of gears, health food/drinks, etc. tips/tricks, and anything else that the would be community interested in.

Why the name Fuelboard?

We wanted a name that was unique, and that was able to relate to anything that had to do with fitness and health. Although we primarily focused more on the world of running, this new name allows us to be more open around the fitness world. That’s where “fuel” comes in. It’s what we need to do what we do. For running, weight training, CrossFit, etc. Our community is mainly seen as an open conversation board, since we’re deeply dedicated in promoting and engaging with our community through various platforms (blogging, social media, etc.). You guessed it, that’s where ‘board’ comes in.