Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO Review

Wanting a FiveFingers pair that offers a bit more sole to support your awesome feet? If so, the Bikila EVO's may be what you're looking for. With their thicker sole, they support your feet more for those longer runs. The Bikila EVO's are definitely evidence that FiveFingers are evolving in a variety of different ways.

So after 4 months of testing the Bikila EVOs, I think we're finally ready to review them. We gave them an initial review before, so feel free to check that out as well to see our first impressions and more photos of the pair. But now, it's time to give them the review they properly deserve, so let's get to it!


The Warm-Up

The Bikila EVO's are the answer if you're looking for a FiveFingers pair that offers a tad of a thicker sole (compared to other FiveFingers pairs). With their sole, they are aimed at medium distance runners and are also good for newcomers to the minimal shoe game since they offer a bit more support with their thicker sole. But not to worry, they definitely still remain lightweight and minimal while being fairly tough and rugged.


Design & Form

It's great to see Vibram getting more mature and experienced with their designs. Instead of creating graphic-heavy designs, they went with a lighter and more minimal approach which really looks great on these guys. All the designs are fairly subtle and flow perfectly with the natural shape of the shoe.

As for the form, the Bikila EVOs really do a great job at holding a snug fit against your feet. Of course one of the reasons because of that is the lace system they have. After getting used to these, it's hard to go back to any pair that has the strap/Velcro.

Not only is their form snug as a bug, but the flex on these are pretty amazing, especially since they feature a thicker sole.


Performance & Durability

For performance, these shoes never fail to do the job. Running, hiking, casual use, etc. They hold up well against almost all terrain, thanks to their thicker sole. You really notice a more comfortable step when running on cement/pavement and other hard surfaces. They even hold up pretty well on tough trails. This sole definitely offers the best of both worlds. Added protection and comfort while still remaining minimal and free. 

If I had to have one pair of FiveFingers, these would be the pair since they preform so consistently well on all terrains; even their tread holds up against the pavement well. And if you feel like going off the paved path into a trail (certainly not because you took a wrong turn and got lost...), they'll prove themselves yet again against any rocky or root-filled trail.

For durability, I see these guys lasting the longest out the other pairs I've worn out. After countless kilometers with them on (mainly on pavement), they barely show any signs of wear and tear. Even the tread has held up quite well so far and still looks like how they were on the first day I got them - minus the stained white.


The Run-Down

In my experiences with the Bikila EVOs, they have the perfect balance between support/protection, traction, and form to preform consistently on all terrains with still keeping the natural movements of the foot in play. I'm not sure if Vibram set out to do this when designing this model, but out of the other 10 pairs I own, these are definitely the pair I would bring with me on a trip if I could only bring one.

And I'll admit it took some time getting used to the Bikila EVOs (I'm not exactly sure why), but I've grown to love them and have been my 'go-to pair' for a few months now. I strongly recommend the Bikila EVOs if you're looking for a pair that can handle all terrains (especially pavement) without a problem. They will endure and they will preform.




If you have any question about the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVOs, feel free to ask them below in the comments section.