How to Handle Soft Tissue Injuries (Sprains, Strains, etc.)

There's a very good chance we've all encountered soft tissue injuries one time or another, whether they were sprains, strains, or automobiles. With them being so common, this makes it easier for myths and "bro-science" to spread. We're going to go through on how to handle/cope with a STI (soft tissue injury, not the other one).

Here is a small list on how to treat a soft tissue injury if you encounter one: 


Protect the yourself from further injury by preventing yourself from moving and keep further hazards away. Don't finish your run, you're only going to make the injury worse.


Rest from any activity that causes pain. If simple movements such as bending, straightening or walking are causing pain, ‘’rest’’ means immobilizing the injury by splinting or preventing weight bearing with crutches is essential. If walking does not cause any pain, continue to walk for short distances as comfort allows.


During the first 72 hours following an injury ice can help minimize pain and control swelling caused by bleeding and fluid loss from the injured tissue. Icing is recommended for 15 minutes every 4 hours to help control the swelling and pain. 


Compression is the application of pressure over the injured area with the use of a bandage, elastic wrap or compression tape. This is to control the initial bleeding of joint or limb tissues, or to reduce residual swelling. It is vital that compression is applied within the first few minutes following the injury to see the benefits.


Used in combination with ice and compression, elevation can also minimize initial tissue bleeding and swelling. Elevate the injured part above the level of the heart as much as possible for the first 72 hours, or longer if the swelling persists.

Pay the PRICE with a soft tissue injury!

As you may of noticed, the best way to handle a STI is all in convenient acronym. "PRICE". We would also like to add that ibuprofen is your friend, since it helps with inflammation, covering all areas for pain relief, swelling, and even fever reduction.