Vibram FiveFingers Signa Review

When we do a review for a shoe, we like to put them through a good run/test before. We just don't run around the block with them. We prefer putting them to the test, to see if they hold up well to their (main) purpose and to see their durability.

With the Signa, we brought them up to Northern Ontario (Tobermory), where the rocks are rugged and the water is cool and refreshing. It's the perfect environment to test water shoes, since it allows us to test them with many water activities, and to see how they hold up against the rocky ground around the water.


Design & Form

One thing that helps the Signa stand out from other FiveFingers (and other shoes) is its bold, dark industrial/tech style they've given it. With black being the main colour, and yellow to accent it and to help visually show the more important areas of the shoes, thus making it look pretty distinguished.

It's mainly made with stretch polyester mesh and rubber, allowing for the shoe to drain quickly and efficiently with its material and design combination, without compromising your foots safety.

The form is great and one of the more 'free' feelings FiveFingers have to offer. Since the shoe has stretch polyester mesh, you just have to slide your foot in, then pull up at the end of the shoe to get it over your heels. It's that easy. If that's not tight enough, it also has adjustable Velcro straps.

Underwater, the shoes form is what makes you know for sure it's for the water. Since it drains well with it's materials and design, it allows for you to 'kick' with the and feeling like you're not even wearing a shoe.



It's time to get down to the dirty stuff; what really makes a great shoes 'great'  and the Signa definitely falls into that category with its free-feeling, strong drainage flow, and quick drying material. We've tested them with kayaking, cliff diving, swimming, and rock/cliff climbing. Yes, rock climbing. You have to get out of the water and back up on the cliffs somehow, after all.

Swimming and jumping off cliffs with them, as previously mentioned, lets you feel like you're not even wearing shoes, while still offering protection from sharp, hard, and even slippery rocks. The grip on the rocks really makes you [feel] secure, especially with the last step you take off the cliff. The last step off is the most important one! Walking across from little islands to little islands with little streams going through them was a great test for the grip they offer, since those rocks are often slippery due to algae and other tricks mother nature throws at us, and they didn't fail once. No falling, or even slipping a bit.

The Run-Up

The Signa's are on the top of the list for a minimal watersport shoe.  Free-feeling, quick-draining, and slip-resistant, all while looking badass. They really perform well in any situation that involves water, from walking on slippery, water covered rocks, to a long kayaking trip. They are one less-expensive FiveFingers, so if you're looking to upgrade your water shoes, definitely check them out.