Vibram FiveFingers for the Winter

Winter is coming... or it's already where you are. Either way, chances are you've already retired your Vibram FiveFingers for the season, but there are still FiveFingers that work and are designed for cold and additional conditions that winter may throw at you.


With a snowstorm that hit my city (London, Canada) last night, I thought it would be a good idea to recommend some FiveFingers pairs that are designed for winter conditions. Ranging from snow, slush, to the cold and crisp ground. It's also getting close to holiday season, so this may help you get the perfect gift for the runner that doesn't let the weather dictate their runs or wants to start adapting to the colder runs.


Vibram FiveFingers Speed XC

The Speed XC's are ideal for traveling, trekking, and after sport use, but like all other FiveFingers, they work more than fine for running or any other similar active activities in the beautiful outdoors.

What makes them different from other FiveFingers that makes them work the winter? They're lightly insulated, offer a thicker sole, and are water-resistant. They handle short-mid timed outdoor activities fairly well, especially if you're wearing socks with them.

Check them out: Mens - Womens


Vibram FiveFingers Lontra

The Lontra's were single handedly designed for cold, harsh conditions which winter provides. It's Vibrams way of showing your feet can still be warm and free with wearing minimal footwear in the winter.

What makes them different from other FiveFingers that makes them work the winter? Much like the Speed XC's, they offer a thicker sole, are water-resistant, but they offer much more insulation in them. And unlike any other FiveFingers, they have a neoprene heel cuff to keep in the warmth, and to keep out the snow. Their insulation is covered with micropile fleece on the inside to keep your feet warm while still handling perspiration for heavy-performance use.

Check them out: Mens - Womens

Photo(s) credit: Damien Tougas - Toe Salad


Tip: Injinji and SmartWhool Toe Socks

Provide another layer for your feet to keep them warmer and prevent 'FiveFingers Funk' with SmartWhool and Injinji toe socks. We highly recommend them, especially SmartWhool, they might not have materials that wick away moisture as well as what Injinji uses, but they do keep your feet warmer which is probably what you want for around this time of year.