Vibram Powered Update: New look, new tweaks, more content!


Welcome to the newly updated Vibram Powered! With the weather cooling down and the snow about to fall, your Vibram days may be put on hold but don't worry! We're focused on delivering more content than ever before starting now; making you miss you FiveFingers a little less than before. More reviews, news, tips, and more are coming and we've even improved the Vibram Powered experience by stitching up some new fabric and patching some tears and rips.

By improving the Vibram Powered experience, we've updated out site/look to help create a more Vibram-y feel to it, while adding some more features and tweaking existing ones. 

The first thing you probably notice is our new logo. We wanted our new logo to be more about Vibram and to make sure it was stylish, minimal while also displaying force/power, for the "Powered" part which is why there isn't a 'P' in this logo.  After many sketches and concepts, we all decided on new and current 'V' with the Vibram yellow alongside with it.

We've also made numerous tweaks to each page. One particular page you may have noticed that has been updated is our About page. We thought it was time to come out of our shells and let the Vibram community see who is working here.

Another update is on our sidebar, which a Twitter widget was added. You can now see yours and other peoples tweets that contain our hashtag "#VibramPowered" and/or mentions our Twitter username "@VibramPowered" - so get tweeting and don't forget to use the hashtag #VibramPowered!

With Twitter, comes Instagram. We also added a Instagram plugin that displays the latest photos that are tagged with our hashtag: #VibramPowered

We hope our new look and new features make your Vibram Powered experience more enjoyable and easier to interact with the Vibram community. If you have any feedback, feel more than welcome to let us know by contacting us via email  or in the comment section below.

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