25 Signs You're Vibram Powered

Wondering if you're a true Vibram FiveFingers user? You probably already are if you've made it this far, but here some true and comical signs that you are [a true VFF runner]. 

1. You check out another runners' strike instead of their body.

2. You have instant auto-responses for the questions "are those comfortable?"  and "where did you get them?"

3.  You have 'teenage mutant ninja turtle' calves.

4.  You consider normal shoes to be Vibram FiveFingers.

5. You are waiting to name your next born son "Vibram"  and pray he's born with five fingers on each hand.

6.  You'd rather go out in the snow barefoot than put on boots.

7.  You wish Bear Grylls name as Bear Foot instead.

8.  A habit has formed where you periodically look down to see if any weeds or flowers are caught in-between your toes. 

9. You hold a special place in your heart for toe socks.

10. Your toes are more buff than your biceps.

11. Your laundry day includes washing your shoes.

12. You take better care of your shoes than your own mother.

13. You nightmares consist of you tearing or ripping your shoes.

14. You never skip leg day.


15.  You constantly spray Febreze on your shoes to prevent or hide the smell.

16. You try your best to dodge roots, rocks and pebbles. 

17.  You laugh at people who are heal-strikers.

18. When you see another person with Vibram FiveFingers, mutual respect is created instantaneously.

19.  You feel pride when you end up with sore legs after a workout.

20. As soon as you get a new pair, you want to keep them clean and protect them as much as possible. Later on, you don't withhold those feelings anymore and just want to get them dirty.

21. A high percentage of your scenic photos have your Vibram FiveFingers in them.

22. Your friends ask "did you run here?" when they first see you.

23. You have different VFFs for road running, trail running, working out in, etc.

24. You accidentally run on your rest day.

25. You look back only to admire your tracks.