FiveFingers in Tobermory, Ontario

I thought it would be nice to type up a story about my experience with Vibram FiveFinger's in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada. I go up there every year for 1-2 weeks at a cottage. It's beautiful. Small town, fresh air, cold refreshing water, and the undisturbed wilderness. What more could you ask for? Tobermory is also 'Canada's Scuba Capital' and has the end of the popular Bruce Trail.

For the trip, I brought my KomodoSports and Speeds. My Speeds for walking around town, and my KomodoSports for everything else. Let me be more specific when I say "everything else". Kayaking, running, hiking, amateur rock-climbing, swimming, and even for biking. This being my first year with FiveFingers, it made getting around much easier than with my normal shoes.

Running - Hiking

They were outstanding for running in on the trails. The terrain consisting of roots, rocks, board walks, and soft ground. It took some time getting used to the rocks, but after that, everything was fine. I was figuratively gliding through the trails with my KomodoSports, taking light steps to maneuver my way around the obstacles created by mother nature. It was also nice not having to switch to water shoes to go for a dip in the middle of a run.


Without getting them wet, was a great use for them. Made it easier to get in and out of the kayak since they offered the feet protection against the rocks which can be sharp and obviously hard. They even made it easier to keep my feet on the peddles, sine they allow for more grip on them.


I'll admit they aren't the best for biking since with pedal being so small, wearing a (normal) shoe that offers more support and balances out the pressure from the foot, it's easier for stability reasons. However, I did enjoy the wind hitting my feet.